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Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Palmer
Chris Bourne

You could say this is something like a software industry version of a 12 inch remix of a remix. You could... but I won't. It's basically the competition version of the original Gyron game that was used to put the Gyron competitors through their paces at the final showdown. The winner apparently finished the game in 18 minutes - an amazing feat since I found it hard to stay alive for that long let alone complete the thing.

The gameplay is exactly the same as in the original - you wander round a maze shooting at towers. It's just the area of play that's been changed - there's still the smoothly moving vector style graphics which show your view down the trenches. And the cute little spinning status displays on the right of the screen. Also included on one side of the tape is an easy to follow graphic tutorial that shows you how to control the craft and what to look for in the maze.

It's difficult to know how to judge Gyron Arena - if you didn't like the original there's no reason why you should get off on this. However if you were addicted to the original here's your chance to see whether or not you would have stood a chance of winning the Porsche. And if you missed out first time round, then this is still a really good buy at f 1.99.