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Mastertronic Plus
Steven Hannah
Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

It's soccer management time again with a real gem of a game coming out on Mastertronic's posher budget label. Taking on the role of team manager you're in charge of your favourite team's progress from rock bottom in Division Four to the dizzy heights of Division One, a small matter of beating several other teams along the way sorts out the men from the boys. League cups, FA cups and European cups provide the footie challenge for 1 to 8 - would-be Brian Cloughs.

All the usual features associated with football management crop up in Advanced Soccer Simulator - player deals, fixtures, player injuries and away matches - but the financial side of things is a little weak by comparison with Football Manager. On the other hand the match tactics are as good as I've seen in any game, presentation is superb and the obligatory goalmouth highlights are great - even if they are in monochrome. All-in-all a well-above average management sim, with the added bonus of a multi-player option. Don't miss it.