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The Mad Guys
Scene Demo
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

A neat change from the blistering pyrotechnics of NMI, The Crazy Demo is just a load of screens and music laid over a (very) long scrolly. (Be prepared to miss several of your favourite TV programmes in order to get to the end of this one) I really like it - the graphics are exceptionally well-drawn (hardly any of them have been stolen, hem-hem) and the sound is jolly boppy. The best bit, though, is the giggly sense of humour - the scrolly starts fairly normally, but rockets off into absurdity, complaining about the sluggish speed of itself and getting interrupted halfway through by a sudden burst of music. It's utterly mad, and you should get it right this very minute. Right now. Go on - don't even stop to change your slippers.


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X-Terminator advocates mass assassination of snobbish 16-bit owners. He's been reading too much Ernie The Psychotic Madman, that's what I reckon. The scamp.