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Allanson Computing
Harry Manley
Sport: Action
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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

This, though, is another kettle of halibut entirely. Whole Grand Prix is broadly accurate (or at least accurate enough to stop you blanching at every inaccuracy), Cricket Captain is all over the place. It's pretty clear here that no-one knows too much about the game beyond the most basic there's-this-geezer-with-the-ball. Otherwise how could you explain the way the best bowlers are always the best batsmen, something that doesn't happen more than once a generation in real life? In choosing the statistics to hone in on, the writers have fundamentally misunderstood the appeal of cricket, and perhaps more important the appeal of the statistics themselves. The whole notion of the 'transfer market' too is completely inaccurate. And most frustrating of all, each team is full of those randomly generated names we all remember from Football Director II - W Bukby, J Lijten and so forth. I recognise that it's probably harder to do a decent cricket sim than any other - no-one has come even close on any computer - but this is well below D&H's usual high standards.

Ridiculously poor - programmed by people who haven't a clue what they're talking about.


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The view for a plush penthouse overlooking Lords or just a crap cricket management sim? Mmm, right first time.