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5 (Supplement)
Chris Bourne

ALLANSON COMPUTING has produced a tape which combines all the thrills and excitement of real County Cricket. In this 48K game you play the part of the captain of the team of your choice. By making the correct decisions you can guide it to the top of the league in a series of 20-overs matches. In addition, you can sit back and watch the play in hi-res graphics, a kind of arcade management game.

You start by picking your team from 15 possible players according to their form and then decide the order of play. After the coin has been tossed the game begins. If you are put in to bat you then have to sit and watch your team play and hope you have made the correct decision. If you become impatient you can either jump to a later point in the match or SAVE it for later.

Once you are all out you have to choose the order of bowlers, each of which is limited to four overs. As the game is played you can also move the fielders round or, as before, jump. If you win a match you are presented with a cup and move to the next round.

Written almost entirely in Basic, the game is a fairly good reproduction of the original, including being fairly slow-moving.

Memory: 48K
Price: £4.95