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US Gold Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

US Gold may have just two compilations out, but one of them is the massive History in The Making, which at £24.95 is probably one of the most expensive Spectrum releases for ages. With 15 games the price-per-game is fairly reasonable, though, and the packaging with four tapes and a booklet is impressive. Unfortunately the games as a whole are weak. CRASH Smashes like the ancient Beach Head, Raid Over Moscow and the more recent Gauntlet fail to compensate for the mediocrity of the rest. This is an admirably wide-ranging history, but £24.95 seems a lot for the eight or so fairly good games - especially when most are now on budget.

US Gold
Beach Head 10/79%
Bruce Lee 16/91%
Spy Hunter 16/89%
Raid Over Moscow 15/92%
Goonies 35/65%
Super Cycle 37/63%
World Games 40/71%
Express Raider 41/47%
Infiltrator 35/72%
Beach Head II 24/74%
Gauntlet 37/92%
Road Runner 43/73%
Impossible Mission 22/76%
KungFuMaster 31/56%
Leader Board 39/80%