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Zeppelin Games Ltd
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rich Pelley
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I haven't really had a good day, so the last thing I wanted to review was a compilation featuring a dubious collection of management games, a Combat School rip off, a Supersprint clone and a little Wheelie jobby. Guess it's just Sod's Law (or is that Flemming's Left Hand Rule?) that I got to review this then.

Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager provides you with a chance to try your hand at that ever popular form of entertainment, the management game. It also allows you to think "Hmmm nice graphics", and "Hoo - there's Kenny" but you'll soon realise that, gameplay speaking, it's all too uninvolved, boring as hell and not a patch on Footy Manager 2 and, marks out of 100 speaking, only worth about 40.

Rally Simulator is nothing more than a scrolling Supersprint clone with suspiciously Trans-Am style graphics. The scrolling may be smooth, but the car handles annoyingly and takes some getting used to, and without Supersprints looming possibility of loads of track to play, there seems little point in continuing playing. A 36 out of 100 if ever I saw one.

And thirdly? A crappy side view bike race thingy. Usually these things are great fun, burning along, jumping over ramps, wheeleeing here, falling off there. But in this case, you have to spend all your time judging what speed to take everything or your bike tips over - you don't even heroically fly off the thing. Add some completely crap graphics and we'll give it about 27.

And finally Para Assault Course, the excellent joystick waggling antics of Combat School, minus the animation, minus all the events bar the first, minus all the fun (although it's still two player) minus about 50 of the points Combat School would have got. 37

And to conclude? Please see the intro of the Airborne Ranger review.


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Racing through the endless void, Shirley reared up to avoid the bank of blobby things.

Alicia: I will be at the corner of Mumford Street at 7pm on the 14th. I shall wear a hat. Bill.

Sandstone, oh sandstone, how I love you sandstone. I wish I lived on the Isle of Wight, oh Sandy oh.