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Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


SIMPLE GAMES are often the best and most addictive to play. That is the case with Hot Foot and Crevasse for the 16K Spectrum from Microsphere. Both are sold on the same cassette.

We found Crevasse to be the most addictive. The player must manoeuvre a buggy across the ice to the other side of the screen. The buggy is easy to move and smoothness of movement is an interesting part of the game. That may seem very easy until the ice starts to shift under you and cracks begin to appear. It will take all your skill and cunning to move the buggy around the continually-changing gaps without falling over the edge. Some cracks may close just when you want them to do so, but others will appear. Who knows, they may even start under your buggy.

The second game is more complex. You are a rabbit and you have to find the carrots which are strewn around the fields. When you have collected all you need to eat you must return to your burrow.

There is, however, danger in those fields and the fatter you become through eating carrots the bigger target you make for your enemies.

Both games are enjoyable and are suitable for young children, although we are sure adults will be intrigued.

The cassette is available from Microsphere Computer Services Ltd, 72 Rosebery Road, London N10 2LA and costs £4.95.

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