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Chris Bourne

Producer: Bridgemaster, 16K £24.95
If Backgammon is a difficult game to explain, then Bridge, the ultimate card game, is impossible. Bridgemaster is a marvellous beginners course in learning how to play the game. The package includes a computer tape, a commentary tape, very well read and which takes you through the early playing stages, and a book Begin Bridge with Reese, which is included for general reference. The demo 'automode' plays through a hand for you in combination with the commentary tape. This is very much a tutorial program - you can play through a hand where the program only allows you to play the card it expects, beeping if you play the wrong one. In this way you become accustomed to the Bridge 'conventions', and it shows you how to take tricks, bid and make contracts and the esoterica of scoring. Uses 55 different deals for teaching. If you want to become proficient in playing Bridge then this is an excellent program, making fine use of the computer and well worth the high price.