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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K
Unspecified custom loader

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Clive Gifford
Chris Bourne

As the software industry becomes dominated by the larger houses, many adventurers welcome releases from individuals and the like. Often the 'smaller' releases can be much more original and thoughtful than products churned out by 'big boys'. Sad to say, this isn't the case with Curse of The Seven Faces.

The cassette comes with a photocopied inlay card which is just fine! OK, it's not flashy paper, but who cares? But someone could have corrected some of the spelling mistakes - I mean to say, someone's even mispelt the name of the game! Anyway that said, you begin your life as a 'poor pesant', which I suppose is a humble version of a 'peasant'. I don't mean to go on about the spelling and grammatical errors, but they're there in every location. Believe me, it's difficult to get into the atmosfere I mean atmospher... er... atmosphere! (See what happens when you play too many adventures, Clive? Ed.)

The actual story line is pretty unoriginal - you've got to rescue a number of magical items (wands, cloaks and so on) from the forces of evil. Much of the adventure's quite playable, with some reasonable if uninspiring puzzles. However, the error-trapping is very poor. Good adventures should have a number of responses to wrong commands - some to aid the adventurer and others to entertain; needless to say, this adventure fails at both!

Once you've read 'You Cannot Do That' and 'Nothing Exciting Happens' for the umpteenth time in a row, you begin to believe it - nothing ever exciting happens! Of course, you can have some limited fun with this kind of programming - I typed in some commands ordering a hero of the piece to eat a slab of rock! And guess what was flashed up on the screen - yes, you've guessed it - 'Nothing Exciting Happens'. Try it yourself sometime... and see if anything exciting happens to you!

But whether you decide to chew rocks or not, it's bound to be more exciting than this collection of bytes. One to be avoided...

Not Rated

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A perfect example of a bad adventure. 'Nothing Exciting Happens'!