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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mike Gerrard
Chris Bourne

Having taken a dislike to the title, I decided I wasn't going to like this new adventure from Craig Davies, alias Bodkin Software, which is being published by The Power House, formerly known as Alpha Omega, alias CRL. An appropriately silly arrangement for a silly adventure, I thought. But I loved it and I actually laughed out loud in several places - and that doesn't happen too often in adventure playing, let's be honest.

You take the part of Sir Coward de Custerd (groan) and you're lumbered with the job of journeying to the home of the evil necromancer, Tower Doom, and sorting him out as he's polluting the land causing chaos and stuff like that. You begin in the Great Hall of your ancestral home, Castle Custerd, and a quick look at the tatty curtains reveals that it maybe isn't quite so great after all. To the west is a chest in the master bedroom, and closer examination reveals this to be the mysterious chest that crops up in all the best adventures. And locked, of course. To the east is the kitchen, with something unpleasant on the walls, while elsewhere is a pig sty with something even more unpleasant on the floor. And you're standing in it.

Soon you'll also be standing outside a small brick building. Sounds familiar? Don't be too sure as the programmer assures us there's no spring inside, though inside a store room is an inconsequential stone panel. This leads to an amusing sequence of inevitable inputs in the style much favoured by Delta 4 of late, and Custerd's Quest does display a lot of the humour we've come to associate with Mr McNeill and the St Brides team. Go down through the stone panel and you'll see what I mean. I didn't even mind dying when I fell foul of the dreaded moat monster as the death routine had a nice touch of originality about it.

A good start for Power House budget adventures. More please. And more power to the elbow and other bits of Craig Davies for an amusing spoof adventure.