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Silversoft Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


MUNCHER, Slippery Sid and the Cyber Rats are all arcade creatures from three new games for the 16K Spectrum. The games are from Silversoft, no stranger to the Sinclair arcade scene.

Cyber Rats is the most impressive of the three. The game is a little like Centipede but instead of one long worm there are dozens of metal rats moving down the screen towards your laser base. The hopping spiders of the centipede game are replaced by deadly purple rats which appear from nowhere.

The second is Slippery Sid. You must drive your snake around the screen, eating the mushrooms as you go bu not hitting the stones. You must also beware of poisonous toadstools which cannot be eaten unless you have first devoured a mushroom.

When you have cleared one screenful another screenful appears with more obstacles between Sid and the mushrooms.

The final new release is Muncher, which is almost a standard Pacman game. There are a few subtle differences between it and the traditional game. The Pacman is a skull and the ghosts are slimmer than normal. The centre of the maze is no longer the home of the ghosts - it houses a prize cherry. During the game two doors will slide open, giving Muncher access to the prize.

All three games are excellent but there are a few errors in the documentation accompanying them. In Cyber Rats the location of the fire button, the space key, is not disclosed and in Muncher the down key should be 'N' and not 'M'.

Each of the games costs £5.95 and they are available from Silversoft, London House, 271-273 King Street, London W6.

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