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Paul Sumner
Chris Bourne

FOLLOWING in the path & Soft Aid and Off The Hook, which raised £350,000 and £75,000 for their respective charities, a new label called Backpack releases Kidsplay in midautumn and looks set to follow its predecessors. The worthy charity this time is the National Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children, which will use the profits to combat child abuse (see the news piece in CRASH issue 43). The contents range from the 1984 Ultimate success Lunar Jetman to hits of 1987 like Xeno, Deactivators and Mailstrom. Nine of the ten games scored over 85% in CRASH - so Kidsplay gives you excellent value for money while helping a deserving cause.

Xeno - 86% Issue 35
Deactivators - 85% Issue 34
Night Gunner - 91% Issue 3
Marsport - 95% Issue 22
Monty On The Run - 94% Issue 20
Starion - 94% Issue 16
Mailstrom - 59% Issue 35
Starstrike - 93% Issue 11
Bounty Bob - 85% Issue 21
Lunar Jetman - 95% Issue 1