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Virgin Games Ltd
Arcade: Adventure
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mark Caswell, Kati Hamza
Chris Bourne

Created by the legendary (and sadly late) Frank Hampson in 1950, Dan Dare thrilled many a small boy with his exploits in the Eagle comic and, more briefly, in 2000 AD. A live TV show, planned as a serial, was unfortunately scrapped at the last minute.

The adventure, originally released by Virgin Games, catches up with Dan as he is appearing on This Is Your Life (Eamonn Andrews was still around in those days). Suddenly, the picture on every television in the land crackles for a moment - only to reveal the repellent features of Dan's oldest and most dangerous enemy, Michael Aspel, no, sorry I mean the Mekon. Created by Venusian scientists to rule the Treens, he has set out to conquer all other races. Unless the Earth's leaders proclaim him Commander of the Universe, he intends to steera large asteroid into the planet and destroy it.

Leaving the lovely Professor Peabody and faithful sidekick Digby aboard the good ship Anastasia, Dan goes insearch of the five pieces of a self destruct mechanism, which must be reassembled within a time limit. Dan only has two hours to save the Earth.

Though Dan Dare was released almost two years ago it still holds up well in comparison with recent software releases. The game really captures the spirit of the comic book escapades which are read with bated breath by fans each week. The puzzles are absorbing, the graphics are outstandingly colourful and the whole package is a pleasure to play. If you missed it first time, go out and buy it - NOW.


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Dan Dare: pilot of the future and blast from the past.