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Simon Wadsworth
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Richard Price
Chris Bourne


RIGHT FROM the beginning you realise you are up against it in Eye of Bain, the new Artic text adventure.

There you are, tied to a pole in some stinking hovel, praying to every god you have ever heard of in the hope you will escape before the natives decide to have a snack between meals.

Being a fairly mighty warrior you have travelled to this awful place in search of a fabulously huge sacred emerald. The gem is called the Eye of Bain and lies hidden in the temple, somewhere near that loathsome village.

Life is not going to be easy. Once you have escaped you will have to avoid endless perils and solve numerous tricky puzzles to reach the holy precincts. Crooked pirates, nasty nomads and killer bees are merely a few of the problems you will encounter - and have you ever tried to persuade an ape to give you a spot of help?

The adventure follows the usual Artic format though if you 'Look' you will be shown a picture of your location. That is a sensible approach to graphics as no time need be wasted unless you feel like it.

Input is in the standard verb/noun combination but multiple entries can be made by putting a full stop between each instruction. That can save time but the interpreter responds very quickly anyway.

Artie seems to adopt a no-frills approach to their adventures. You may not get animated graphics or the chance to enter full sentences but you can be fairly sure of facing constant challenges and original problems. Eye of Bain continues this tradition and should provide many hours of solid entertainment. Great value.

John Gilbert

Memory: 48K
Price: £6.95