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Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Richard Eddy, Robin Candy
Chris Bourne

Issue 35 (December 1986) Page 145

RICKY: Electric Dreams lost to US Gold in the battle for the official Gauntlet licence. So they decided to go one better and buy the rights to Dandy - the game which inspired Gauntlet.

Dandy goes down to the simplest elements of a Gauntlet game - the object for our two heroes, Thor and Sheba, is to penetrate deep within a series of dungeons, collecting as much treasure as humanly possible and avoiding the hordes of evil spiders.

To combat these dreaded foes, you can find spells which make your character so potent that he/she can rid the entire screen of adversaries - the 'smart bomb syndrome'.

Graphically Dandy is remarkably colourful and moves well, though the action can slow down when a lot is happening onscreen. And Dandy may have a great deal of simple appeal - but I found it didn't hold my attention for as long as long as Ranarama, say, probably because of the little variation in gameplay.

CRASH's original ratings seem a bit over the top when you compare the game with today's Gauntlets, but do try to get a look at Dandy.

ROBIN: Colourwise Dandy is an excellent game - the graphics are well-defined, and the screen doesn't get cluttered up with nasty attribute problems. There are exciting one- and two-player options. Overall it's a good game.

Then: 84%
Now: 72%


Screenshot Text

The grandDandy of them all, from Electric Dreams