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Creative Sparks
Phil Snell
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Phil South
Chris Bourne

Typical. Danger Mouse looking forward to his holiday, and just as he was really settling down to it, it happened. A telegram from Colonel K, saying that the pernicious Baron Greenback had kidnapped Penfold. Not only that but the evil toad was planning his next step on the road to world domination - the Whoopee Cushion. Well, millions of whoopee cushions.... Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to foil his dastardly plot, and rescue Penfold.

There are two parts to this game, the 3D maze and the platform. You drive your Mousemobile around town, seeking out warehouses wherein you can find pieces of rubbish to buy off the characters blocking your path. A coin for the Toll Troll, a fish for the Troll With No Plaice Of His Own, a hand for the Clock With One Hand, and so forth. Slowly you progress through the maze, seeking the gas factories and electricity stations that power the Baron's Whoopee Works. Then finally you discover the secret location of the Works itself.

if you enjoy Danger Mouse, or even if you don't, you'll enjoy playing Making Whoopee. The graphics and sound are really quite exciting, especially as this game is so cheap! The 3D maze sequence is a real beaut. You see the world over DM's shoulder, and the animation of the maze is very realistic, very solid and very fast. (That's a lotta verys.) DM has pretty animated animation too - when you don't do anything for a few seconds he looks over his shoulder at you with one of those 'blimmin well git on with it!' expressions. When you find a storeroom by following the map, the game moves into a 2D platform phase. You must jump, climb, run and dodge all the bubbles to equip yourself to get past the obstacles in the maze.

As an arcade adventure Making Whoopee is a right little cracker (sparkler?), and deserves to bubble right to the top of the charts.


Screenshot Text

Here you are, Danger Mouse, driving around the city in the Mousemobile. Below your view over DM's shoulder is your radar map of the immediate area. Obstacles, Toll Trolls and their ilk, are featured as green crosses, while you'll locate storerooms at the dead ends! Hang on Penfold, I'm on my way!

Here's a storeroom. You must climb the ladders and jump the platforms, and you've done that before, so it should be a cinch... except for the bubbles. The gas bubbles swarm up and around all of the platforms, so your timing has to be very good to make it up the ladders before you get blasted down again.