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Graham Asher
Utility: Database/Filing
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


A NEW TYPE of database has been produced for the 48K Spectrum by MiCROL a company which deals in quality business software. The database is particularly interesting because it does not use a menu in the central control structure.

As a result of that it is important that the user reads the manual which is issued with the system. The manual is simple to understand and will have users storing information in the system in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, in the beginning users may have to refer to the manual for command words, as the program has no help page. That is not a major problem and once the system has been used twice, it is easy to remember the commands.

It is possible to store several blocks of information, called documents, in one file. Each document can contain 999 lines of data. The number of lines left is displayed at the bottom of the screen if the user needs it.

It is a brave attempt at trying to change the concept of a database and we think that it has worked. It is available from MiCROL, 38 Burleigh Street, Cambridge CB1 1BR. It is excellent value at £9.95.

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