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Top Ten Software
Paul J. Machacek
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts, Paul Sumner, Mark Rothwell
Chris Bourne

Dawnssley is an enchanted underground kingdom for Hobbo The Elf and Thor to explore. Sounds easy? Not quite, because the network of subterranean levels is inhabited by hundreds of strange monsters out for the adventurers' blood.

You can be either Hobbo or Thor, and there is a two-player option where each player takes one. Hobbo is armed with his fireballs and Thor with throwing axes when they set off, but other objects, spells and potions are available as you progress deeper into the game.

Keys, scattered around the scrolling play area, open the blue doors that separate rooms. But beware - there aren't many keys, so don't go through doors you don't need to! And on each of the 27 levels there's a hidden exit leading to the next cavern of Dawnssley.

Monsters emerge from the solid rock walls in the caverns, and you have to fight them off as they guard their kingdom from your unwanted presence.

In the two-player mode, Thor and Hobbo can fight between themselves over who gets to kill the most monsters.


'Oh, woe is me - it's another Gauntlet clone! The graphics are rubbish. The colour clashes all the lime. The objects are as big as the main characters. And the sound is virtually nonexistent. Gauntlet was much, much more playable than this tedious piece of trash, and even at this price Dawnssley is a waste of money.' NICK ... 29%

'It's just as well this missed the Gauntlet feature last month (RUN IT AGAIN, August) - it would have looked so bad against the other clones. For once I'm lost for derogatory words. Games like Dawnssley give Gauntlet a bad name. Still, it you get bored you can always play 'spot the bug', which is entertaining for hours.' PAUL ... 6%

'Oh no, not another mediocre Gauntlet clone. A lot of the features of Gauntlet are present, but none of the playability. The graphics aren't too bad, in a fat, wobbly, fiickery sort of way; the sound, though, is an ear-wrenching noise which had me instantly diving for the volume control. Frustration and boredom set in when ou realise you've seen it all before - even at this price, Dawnssley is definitely a game to be missed.' MARK ... 22%

Joysticks: Kempston
Graphics: small, uninteresting sprites
Sound: limited spot FX
Options: two-player option
General Rating: An inferior Gauntlet variant without lasting appeal, which came in for strong criticism from everyone.


Screenshot Text

Hobbo fights on, seeking out new life and new civilisations in the kingdom of Dawnssley. To boldly go...