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Stephen J. Redman
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

RUMOURS that Sir Clive has been made Dame Commander of the British Empire have been confirmed by Micromega. The epic tale of the day he set out to collect his gong takes some telling, though.

Gremlin can report that on the way to the palace Slugger Sinclair suffered a mishap at the barber's and was rendered completely bald. Even the stubbly little bits at the sides were hacked away...

More vignettes from the tempestuous saga include the robbing of a bank, a mad dash from the 8.15 to Euston to buy the Financial Times - doubtless to check up on Polecat Tebbit's conversations with the Italian typists who bought Acorn - scenes of drunken abandon in Carlos' bistro, and petty larceny at the chemists in search of a bottle of hair restorer...

The full version of Uncle's Big Day is told by Micromega in A Day in the Life, a new departure for gossip columnists in that the sordid tale is recorded on cassette, and accessed by joystick, for 27 screens of attractively clear and stylish graphics.

Slugger is represented by a rotund head with that distinctive hairstyle which has made the micro magnate the Lady Di of the computer scene. He bounces with respectable speed through the crowded streets of London, up and down stairs, all the while attempting to avoid ticket collectors, rogue gobstoppers, dancing beermugs and the like. A whiff of the Manic Miner is definitely in the air...

Humour and intelligence are not qualities Gremlin associates with the micro world generally, excepting of course the offices and pages of Sinclair User. Micromega certainly seems to have found a private supply of its own.

20 billion unsold waterproof C5 ponchos in grey plastic to anyone who can explain how to get past the sentries at Buck House in time to hear the wonderful full BEEP version of Land of Hope and Glory...


Price £6.95
Memory 48K
Joystick: Kempston, Cursor, Sinclair