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Mervyn J. Estcourt
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Graham Taylor
Chris Bourne

Another Estcourt/Micromega game and perhaps his best ever.

3D Death Chase is only marginally dated looking in terms of its graphics. The excitement though remains - a sweaty-palmed, fever- pitched challenge.

The idea is to steer your missile equipped motorcycle through an ever denser forest. Between the trees you glimpse other bikes, swerving to and fro and maybe, for a second, crossing your sights. You chase the enemy bikes - and occasionally helicopters - swerving through the ever smaller gaps between the densely-packed trees. The 3D effects are excellent.

Simple ideas, chasing and shooting, but a highly original presentation - I've still never seen anything quite like it. Definitely one to pick up on now if you missed it originally.

Not Rated