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Solar Publishing
Guy Damian-Knight
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Colette McDermott
Chris Bourne

DOES my partner love me? What can I do to put things right? Those are some of the questions answered in The Love Oracle and they do not refer to the relationship you have with your computer.

The package contains a book and a program. The book is based upon the Chinese oracle, the I Ching, devised by the ancient Chinese sages to answer questions on any conceivable subject. This new version devotes itself entirely to the love oracle of friendship, love and marriage.

While the book is packed with interesting and complex hexagrams, together with detailed instructions, the program contains only a limited version of what is in the book.

Having loaded the program you move straight on to throwing your coins, which the program is happy to do for you. There are no instructions to explain what is happening, making the book essential reading.

The program now tells you the title of the hexagram(s) you have drawn. For the first you read only the lines, for the second you consult any, or all, of the eight questions. By pressing whichever key you are instructed to for the lines, an answer will appear. With the hexogram Dynamism, the line drawn read 'Find help to change yourself'. The book goes into detail with an answer over six times as long.

All the questions and replies in the program are brief in comparison with the book. When you consider that the book alone is half the price of the program it does not seem to be very good value, but there again if you 'believe' then you will probably want to have it for your collection.

Colette McDermott

Memory: 48K
Price: £14.95