Mikro-Gen Ltd
Chris Hinsley
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

Producer: Mikrogen, 48K £5.95
Author: C Hinsley
The title says it all, and it turns out to be a pretty classic looking Defender game with the familiar zig-zag outline landscape, waving humans, and assorted alien craft. There is the radar screen at the top as well. Control is quite good with sensible keys allowing for thrust, reverse, laser and smartbombs as well as a hyperspace facility. But there is something lacking in the feel and play. Perhaps it's the speed which seems slow compared to other versions combined with the fact that it seems quite easy to play. Inlay states user-definable keys, but there aren't any. Good, bright graphics and reasonable sound. Overall CRASH rating 65% M/C.