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K-Tel Productions
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Stephen Avent, Robert Ledbury, Richard Vernon
Chris Bourne

The aim of Defusion is to defuse a bomb that's ticking away at the centre of a number of paths, some of which are booby-trapped. Worms, on the other hand, has you controlling a growing worm.

Richard: The graphics in Defusion are fairly basic, but the use of colour makes up for it. Also, the play speeds up as successive levels are reached. It's much the same with Worms, although there the idea is not in the least original. MISS

Robert: Defusing a bomb is a good idea for a computer game, but poor execution makes it an average offering. Worms isn't a lot better. MISS

Stephen: Technically, there's nothing wrong with Defusion - it's simply not very addictive, and becomes boring after just a few attempts. Worms is a little better. MISS