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Ocean Software Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dominic Handy
Chris Bourne

OCEANS compilations always provide value for money. In October Game Set And Match sent Spectrum sportsmen crazy, in November the shoot-'em-up collection Live Ammo arrived and now Ocean looks set to have a happy Christmas and a VERY prosperous New Year with the final 1987 release, The Magnificent 7. And guess how many games are on it... eight!

If you thought Ocean's previous compilations were hot stuff, wait till The Magnificent 7 melts the snow with Ocean's greatest hits - like the mind-blowing Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Head Over Heels, arcade adventures such as The Great Escape and Short Circuit, leaders in their class like the mindless Cobra, and bat and ball with Arkanoid.

And the most interesting addition is Wizball. Reviewed in CRASH issue 45 just a few months ago, it gained a Smashing 92%, and here it is already on an action-packed compilation.

Ocean is backing the +3 with a disk version of The Magnificent 7.
Head Over Heels - 97% Issue 39
Cobra - 93% Issue 35
Short Circuit - 71% Issue 40
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - 94% Issue 19
Arkanoid - 59% Issue 39
Wizball - 92% Issue 42
The Great Escape - 96% Issue 35
Yie Ar Kung Fu - 92% Issue 25
cassette £9.95
+3 disk £17.95