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Thalamus Ltd
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts, Mark Caswell
Chris Bourne

Deep in an uncharted region of space known as Delta, Earth shipping has been mysteriously disappearing. The alien Hsiffan Khanate is rumoured to be operating in the area, and it's decided to send a lone ship to investigate. It isn't chance that's picked you as the lucky candidate: the best pilot Unit Damocles is the natural choice. Dropped within the area, you quickly confirm the rumours and it's time to charge!

The aim of the game is simple - survive! And with the Khanate fleet hurling its entire might at you this is a tall order. Thank god, the occasional icons appear which increase your ship's firepower, shields and speed (they get used up, so collect replacements regularly). From inky black space through alien backgrounds blast all and sundry to atoms to have any chance to grab the power ups - if you miss even one ship in a formation it could lose you a life: if you run into a block without an icon in residence, it's massive headache time.

Delta Charge! is a straightforward shoot-'em-up with no frills - but very tough indeed. Your ship may seem sluggish to start with, but survive the few seconds to kill enough aliens to pick up extra speed icons and you soon gain agility. Scrooling is smooth and the graphics stark but effective.

While nothing really new, Delta Charge! is a refreshing return to mindless blasting which should keep shoot-'em-up freaks glued for quite a while.

MARK ... 80%


'Delta Charge! is a good basic shoot 'em up. You know the kind, shoot the oncoming aliens, dodge the meteor shower, collect the extra weapons, Your ship seems frustratingly slow when you start off, but you soon get faster when you collect extra power. One niggle: the programmers have included a smiling starry background which can disconcertingly look like the aliens' shots. I didn't survive very long after this, but then there are better shoot-'em-up freaks out there than me!' NICK ... 65%

A blast of good no-holds-barred mindless shoot-'em-up action.