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Not Known
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Applications, 48K £5.50 (3)
If mythical dragons have become the bane of your life, try pitting you wits against a real monster in this compelling, witty and difficult game. You must guide Denis Thatcher through life, avoiding the icy blast of Maggie as she prepares another Prime Ministerial speech at Number 10. Denis just wants to get out to his favourite pub, the Gravediggers Arms, but Maggie's in the way and Denis has a severe drinking problem - if he doesn't get a slug of gin within 10 moves, he's as good as dead. Location descriptions are all rendered in rhyme and tend to offer a jaundiced view of political life. Early attempts at escape may well end up with you photographed on the front doorstep of Number 10 nude - did you forget to get dressed! Finding the gin is a tough assignment and the HELP facility only tends to be helpfully rude. A prompt of 'BALLS!' turns out to refer to the golf balls which you have forgotten, and 'Get Knotted' suggests that sheets may make a rope. You're not likely to get bored, but there's always a volume of Kropotkin's Memoirs to while away a few seconds between dying for a lack of gin. Very fast responses with this Quill-written game, and highly recommended. Overall CRASH rating 83%, machine code.