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Players Software
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts, Mark Caswell
Chris Bourne

Contact has been lost with the orbital plutonium reprocessing installation, and the Marine Corp top brass believe Jabba McGut, leader of alien terrorist group, Denizen, to be responsible. Armed only with the latest in technical weaponry - the self loading 'Quick Kill' rifle - the player sets about destroying Jabba McGut and his allies.

The terrorists are hiding in sub levels one, two, and three of the installation, and on each level 20 explosive bolts have to be detonated to jettison the section into space. The game starts on sub level one and the player is provided with 99 rounds of ammunition. Extra ammo and energy can be collected and a torch used to illuminate darkened areas. Parts of the screen are blocked oft by doors, but collection of key cards allows access to further sections of the complex.

Once all of the bolts on a level have been detonated, the player has 20 seconds to find the lift that takes him to the next level, before being blown into the void.

On reaching the third level, the player enters the lair of Jabba McGut, where the evil one is faced in a fight to the death.


'The quality of Players' budget games these days is amazing - even better than the majority of full price games. Denizen is packed with little extras that add to the presentation. The title screen bears a VCR scroller with digitised pictures of the programming team and characters appearing to a brilliant sound track. The game itself has got some really great graphics (level 3 especially) and colour has been used to its full advantage with hardly any clash visible at all. Only the slow character movement irritates to any degree; another excellent game from Players, keep it up lads!' NICK

'Graphically, Denizen is good, with a dependable looking Marine yomping through loads of smart meanie-filled screens. My only real moan is the self-loading 'Quick Kill' rifle which is anything but quick. Several frantic pounds on the fire button were needed to elicit a response, by which point the alien hoodlums had usually sent my character to an early grave. The game style is looking a bit jaded now; you've probably seen it all before, but Denizen is a reasonable shoot 'em up and still worth a look.' MARK

Joysticks: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: super digitised pictures on title screen. Game graphics improve the further you get, and the end sequence is terrific. Lots of colour and little clash
Sound: poor sound effects but good title tune
Options: definable keys
General Rating: Sadly, the game doesn't live up to the lively presentation.