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Beyond Belief
Jim Scott
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ian Osborne
Chris Bourne

Despite the suggestive title, Devastating Blow is a boxing game, the first release on the new Beyond Belief label. Starting as the eighth-ranked fighter in the world, you batter yow way to the top by flooring every bum who stands in your way.

To beat your opponent throw combinations of punches - when his energy rating approaches zero, he’ll fall over. He’ll do the same to you so keep that guard up and don't show too much chin. If you're knocked down, waggle furiously and you might stagger to your feet to fight again (and be knocked down again, probably).

Between bouts you blast sway at a punch beg to improve your power, and if you get bored with knocking over computer-controlled opponents, you can beat up a friend (sounds like fun - Ed).

The graphics aren't going to set the world alight, but they're as good you’d dare expect, while animation’s silky smooth and crystal clear. The sweat flying from a fighter’s head as he's hit helps create atmosphere.

On the minus side, Devastating Blow offers little in the way of tactics - just stand toe-to-toe and hit the other fighter. The lack of a joystick option doesn’t help matters.

For all it’s faults, Devastating Blow is a playable game that could easily go ten rounds with some of the full priced beat-'em-up games currently on the market. With far too many big software houses releasing games that are mere parodies of their 16-bit counterparts, it's great to see a smaller label using the Speccy for it's own sake. Not up to world title standard, but certainty in the ratings.

IAN … 72%



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Oi! This is no time for doing press ups.