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Ian Rich
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rachael Smith
Chris Bourne

After ditching their Terminal Tapes and crashing the Morbid Microdrives the contestants settled on Fatal Floppies, a game played by dodging the deadly discs of the title. Sound easy? The only problem is that you're standing on tiny platforms, so room to manoeuvre is limited to a step on either side.

It seems this somewhat surreal space duel is based on the movie Tron. It's certainly different from your average sport simulation, taking place in a checkerboard stadium obviously designed by Dali. Luckily, the computer takes care of your jumping so there's no slipping into space, but apart from that you're on your own. The rest of the memory has obviously gone to playability and providing a mean opponent. If you have time during all this frantic frisbee action try to pick up tips from his behaviour, firing off a volley of discs then jumping to one side while you're busy using your rapidly diminishing shield or taking evasive action.

A bit of strategy is called for to make sure all your discs aren't in the air when you need them, but basically this is a test of reactions and moves so fast it's easy to get drawn in. It's just a disappointment that the third screen is like the first, only faster and with a guided disc that locks onto you bringing the game to a quick conclusion. And wrap your ears round the superb robotic soundtrack.

I was hooked for a time but I can't see myself returning often. If only there could have been a true player vs player option instead of just you and me against the micro. A trifle overpriced? Perhaps.