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G.W. Lewthwaite
Gambling: Games
ZX Spectrum 48K

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4 (Supplement)
John Lambert
Chris Bourne

DIX MILLE, from CCS, is based on an old French dice game which is broadly similar to the English game of Poker Dice, although it uses six dice.

The principle is very simple. You throw the dice, various combinations are allotted scores, and you then decide which dice to retain, which to throw again, or whether to pass them to the next player.

It can be played by up to six players, of which the computer may or may not be one. The instructions on the cassette insert are not entirely clear but by playing with the computer for a few throws the process becomes simple.

The dice are portrayed graphically but that is the only graphic content to the game. Therefore the screen is not particularly attractive. It seems to be the kind of game which is better played with real dice; the computer adds nothing and even seems to take away some of the potential excitement.

The makers claim that it requires the "strategy of a Bridge player and the dash of a Poker player" but it is a little difficult to see the game in those exalted terms.

John Lambert

Memory: 48K
Price: £2.99