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Malan Associates
Andrew Green
Utility: Music
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Adrian Wagner, Peter Shaw
Chris Bourne

This package offers little instruction on its use other than the blurb on the badly printed paper index card. This is a shame, because I found it quite easy to use - the only exception being that R Green (the programmer) decided to use a 10-line stave instead of the five line standard. As much as we need innovation in the world of music, I'm afraid this only adds to the confusion.

The screen information was enough to help me to store notes with ease but, unfortunately there's no facility to introduce sharps and flats! This, of course, makes the program musically unusable. But even worse, on playback it turns out that the notes are not what they say they are; for instance, a scale of C turns out to be a row of semitones starting from C and ending with G!

I think R Green would be well advised to take some music instruction before attempting any more music programs!


Screenshot Text

Not one of the most brilliant pieces of coding I've come across, but then it's one of Malan's budget range for just under two quid! Bad graphics and poor use of colour are the first things you'll notice - but this is nothing to the lack of musical awareness shown by the program's designer; for instance, how many sheets of music manuscript have you seen with ten ledger lines? Altogether, a very confusing program and not really worthwhile if you have musical aspirations. 1/5 Peter Shaw