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Steven Monks
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

To be read in Husky tones. It's a dog's life working for Your Sinclair. The Ed just keeps giving me all these dog rough games and telling me to get my teeth stuck into as many puns as possible on 'dog' and 'byte' - but unless you're a rabid mazer the only work I can think of that has anything to do with dogs and this game is unprintable.

You know how pooches are meant to like digging holes, well Dogsbody goes a hole lot deeper. He's a special agent for the Animal Liberation Front whose task it is to rescue 192 pups from the dastardly Dr. Dogmush. Fifty meanies, the robot guards, are on his tail. Being an ideologically right-on Rover, he can only use flower power. Dig above a plant and it'll grow to cut off the meanies access. Or burrow beneath rocks that'll marmalize them. The baddies get re-incarnated, but the little doggie only has three lives - far better to be a cat!

It won't take you a million years to poodle round this maze game. The meanies move in most unmysterious ways across the 25 screens (though it's fun when they all go yellow and run away) so it won't take long to work out the best way to tunnel out the pups. A mongrel of a game derived from a mass of others, the main obstacle is actually not to corner yourself between the flourishing fauna.

This game should be given to your nearest Pal or Chum.