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Beyond Software
Mike Singleton
Strategy: War
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls, Peter Shaw
Chris Bourne

When Lords of Midnight appeared on the software scene, it immediately carved itself a place in adventuring history - nothing like it had been seen before and many adventurers turned into tacticians overnight in their attempts to defeat the Witchking. Now, with debates about the best way to succeed at LOM still raging, the sequel has arrived and Luxor the Moonprince's problems are far from over!

Doomdark's Revenge takes over where Lords of Midnight left off with the Ice Crown destroyed and the Witchking killed. Unfortunately, Doomdark's daughter, Shareth, Empress of the Icemark, swears revenge on Luxor and kidnaps Morkin, Luxor's son, and locks him away in her fortress. At the start of the game, Luxor, Rorthron the Wise and 1,000 Riders have just entered the Icemark to attempt to rescue him; as the player, you get to control all of these characters as well as Tarithel, daughter of the Lord of Dreams and Morkin's newfound love. As the game progresses, other characters may be recruited and controlled by the same 'SELECT key mechanism used in Lords of Midnight.

Doomdark's Revenge comes in the same packaging as its predecessor but the keyboard overlay has been changed to accommodate the extra functions offered ; these include four separate keys to perform the functions that the 'THINK' key did in LOM so that the progress of battles and states of health can be checked without reading through all the other information. Movement controls haven't changed with keys '1' to '8' heading you in a certain direction and the 'Q' key actually making the move. The playing area has been expanded and now offers some 48,000 different views to be examined. There are also underground tunnels crossing the land which you can enter via pits and gates.

The object of the game is twofold - firstly, Morkin must be rescued, and, secondly, Shareth must be destroyed. It's possible to gain a 'minor' victory by just rescuing Morkin but to find out the 'Watchwords of Midnight' and win the prize of a model of Icemark with figures of the major characters, both parts must be completed.

Doomdark's Revenge is a much more difficult and, in a lot of ways, more interesting than Lords of Midnight - save up those pennies and buy it!

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The long awaited follow-up to The Lords Of Midnight has finally arrived... but is it different enough to be a hit?