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Beyond Software
Mike Singleton
Strategy: War
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Andy Smith
Chris Bourne

Spectrum, £9.95cs
C64/128, £9.95cs
Amstrad, £9.95cs

The sequel to the classic Lords of Midnight, written by the same author - Mike Singleton.

Following the defeat of Doomdark, his daughter (Shareth the Heartstealer) threatened to invade the peaceful lands of Midnight. Luxor set forth to the lands of the Icemark to rescue his son Morkin and defeat the evil Shareth. The ordering system and game concept is the same as used in Lords of Midnight, but the game was greatly enhanced by the addition of several warring factions, from which the player has to recruit his armies. Although you could see a lot of Lords of Midnight in the game mechanics, Doomdark's Revenge plays completely differently and is certainly a worthy successor. All that remains now is to see whether Mike Singleton can ever find the time to write that promised third part of the trilogy Eye of the Moon.