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Tartan Software
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Double Agent is the new offering from Tartan Software, written completely from scratch by Tom Frost and using a very original idea. Two of your agents have managed to escape from a planet Marego. They have been brutally tortured and have lost some of their faculties. However, one of them is strong but uneducated, and the other has a knowledge of languages. You are in contact with both agents and can instruct one to wait whilst you explore with the other.

Eventually you will get the two agents together and this is where the fun really starts. Most of the problems need the two agents to interact with each other to enable you to progress.

The playing screen is very attractive and clearly displayed, with the location and responses for Agent One appearing on the left of the screen and those of Agent Two on the right. You get the feeling that you are playing two adventures at once. This is not an easy game but it is very original and completely absorbing.

There is also a bonus 'just for fun' adventure on the other side of the tape, and a competition. Whoever sends in the shortest solution, complete with map, will win £50. Closing date is the 30th June 1988, so you'll have to be quick if you want to enter.

Double Agent costs £3.95 and is available from Tartan Software, 61 Bailie Norrie Crescent, Montrose, Angus DD10 9DT.

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