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Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

To think that this one filled up six (I think) disks on the Amiga! Pah! Here it is on the Speccy crammed onto one (long) tape. It's a re-release to tell the truth, and quite possibly one worth having, That depends on whether you subscribe to the 'we couldn't manage one decent game, so here are a few slightly crap ones for the same price' way of thinking.

In case you haven't previously encountered Dragon's Lair, it's a conversion of the massive cartoon-style coin-op that used things like laser disks to good effect. Everyone thought it was really fab, despite the fact that much of the playing time was spent watching the graphics, waiting for a prompt to do something. What we're faced with is a series of 'scenes', in which Dirk the Daring has to make his way through a castle to rescue a princess. Each scene is a kind of mini-game. In the first, you're standing on a disk, which is plummeting down a well (or something). Suffice to say that you've got to hang on for dear life or you're a gonna. Then in the second, you've got to, um, oh crikey... I haven't got that far.

Anyway. I cant say it's my fave game in the whole world, because it's not. Actually I hate it. But I know lots of people who think it's really peachy, so don't take any notice of me. I think I can safely say, though, that the first level is extremely difficult, and from what I've heard the rest are too. It's all undeniably good value, but technically a bit dubious. By all means rush out and buy it (if only to see what it's like), but don't expect to be glued to it for the rest of your life or anything.


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Ladies wear, children's wear and kidnapped princesses - going down!