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US Gold Ltd
Adventure: RPG
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

Eyebrows the Dwarf surveyed the game with interest. "Why, by the beard of my adopted grandmother, it appears to be another of those Dungeons and Dragons thingumajigs," he declaimed. Fetlock the Elf nodded. "Aye. It features the same party of characters, voluminosity of instructions, depth of play and style of graphics as its predecessor Heroes Of The Lance - a game that was reviewed in the seventy-third issue of this very magazine." The two companions loaded the game on Whoaboi's magical Speccy. After struggling with the pedantic control method and becoming hopelessly lost in the first set of badly-illustrated locations, they smote the artefact with Paula the magic sword. "I daresay the fans may get something out of this," growled Eyebrows, "but for the rest of us tis a production of stultifying dullness and ineptitude." Fetlock nodded. "Taking the human element out of Dungeons and Dragons is indeed a bit silly," he agreed wittily. Extinguishing the camp fire, the companions galloped off, trampling the tape with righteous indignation and large horses.


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"Straighten up, that man on the right. For heaven's sake. Call that deportment?"