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CP Software
Chris Whittington
Board Game
ZX Spectrum 48K

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13 (Supplement)
John Lambert
Chris Bourne

THE CP Software ZX Draughts program offers to play you at 10 levels of difficulty. Pride, however, precedes a fall and the player who opts for the highest level will find the computer looking 10 moves ahead, with a response time of about 13 minutes for every move.

It is a game designed for the Karpovs of the draughts world. A less than mediocre player selecting the lowest grade of play was soundly beaten. The higher levels play with a degree of skill which amazed us. The cover material warns you not to be fooled by the "easy games at level 0." The level of skill the programmers clearly expect from the player is very high and we did not find the games at all easy.

The board is laid out clearly using colours designed to be equally visible on colour and monochrome television sets, and moves are made using a co-ordinate system-i.e., 1-8 and a-h - which is used commonly in chess. The program is easy to use with excellent instructions, a rare factor in modern games programs.

John Lambert

Memory: 48K
Price: £5.95