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The Power House
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Paul Sumner
Chris Bourne

THE BUDGET MARKET has just got into compilations, with two distinct approaches. On the one hand you have The Power House throwing together most of their £1.99 releases, past and present. In a bundle of budget fun - Powerplays, eight games for £9.99. None of the games are very impressive, the point being quantity rather than quality. On the other hand you have Tynesoft looking at the budget problem from a completely different angle: in the Micro Value Pack you only get four (very old and not very good) games, but for the extremely cheap compilation price of £3.99.

The Power House
Hercules - N/R
Slingshot - N/R
Time Fight - 29% Issue 40
Cyrox - 46% Issue 40
Squidge - N/R
Odd Ball - N/R
Sword & Shield - N/R
Tomb Of Syrinx - 26% Issue 40