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Crystal Computing
Graham Stafford
Adventure: Dungeon Crawl
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Quentin Heath
Chris Bourne

A do-it-yourself dungeon kit called The Dungeon Master has been produced by Crystal Computing. The package includes two programs, Dungeon Master and Dungeon Creation, which run on the 48K Spectrum.

The package is different from the average adventure game as it allows you to build your own tunnels of death. It includes an example dungeon in which you have to fight all kinds of dragons, vampires and elementals and pick up potions. You may also be caught in space and time warps which can throw you back into the room you have just left or into the last room in the dungeon.

Along the way you can pick up weapons and magical artefacts but the main purpose of the quest is to find a series of turquoise rings.

Fights need not be on a one-to-one basis. It is possible that you will meet two or even three monsters at one time. You can then select which one you want to fight first. Monsters are ranked in order of combat strength. The easiest to defeat is the giant centipede and the most dangerous is the Demogorgon.

The other program in the package is the Dungeon Creator. It enables you to create your own dungeon with all the monsters, pitfalls and rewards you want.

After being let loose on the program for two hours I could give you a fairly lengthy list of things not to do when building your friendly neighbourhood dungeon. One dungeon I created, ominously called Maximus, had me going around in circles for an hour before I realised what I had done. I had created an opening between two rooms which created a space-time loop. There was no warning but I was going alternately from one room in another. Still, that is all part of the game and something with which a dungeon master has to live.

I have been a dungeons and dragons fan for several years but there are few people who will play when I am the dungeon master. The package provides excellent entertainment to all fans of the cult and should prove a good introduction to the game.

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