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Dominic J. Morris
Not Known
Scene Demo
ZX Spectrum 128K

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Jonathan Nash
Chris Bourne

Unperturbed by the dismal mark awarded the dismal Magican, Dominic has come up with Quark. (Actually, and pretty obviously, he'd already written both before we ever saw them. But it sounds good, or something.) This new demo (actually, and pretty obviously etc etc) features more ripped music (a really fab echoey-whistley Tim Follin soundtrack that I can't quite place) but is actually rather good.

The obligatory large attribute scrolly is given a new twist by having four vertical 'uns at the same time as four horizontal 'uns, which is a complete nightmare to read but is jolly original, so plenty of brownie points there. Part Two introduces the Dom version of the infamous bouncing scrolly - here with a reflection and quite a nasty case of flicker. The text isn't terribly interesting and this part makes way for the next bit pretty smartish. (Hit that old SPACE bar.)

Well, hurrah. Part Three is spot-on. The timing problems have been worked out (no flicker here, matey) and the scrollies are actually quite readable (we're not talking major entertainment value, but they're okay). Also, the way they whirl around independently of each other is nice in a whoops-there-goes-breakfast sort of way. And, as before, you can return to the first part without hassle. (Not that it's worth it, but the sentiment is appreciated.) Far better than Magican and with at least one completely original effect, so worth looking out for.


Screenshot Text

'Tootsie-fruitsie! Get-a your tootsie-fruitsie ice-cream! Hello-a Boss. You don't-a want to bet in Sun-Up' 'Cheese it, tootsie-fruitsie. This is a YS caption, not A Day At The Races.'