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Code Masters Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

Here's another of those mega-successful four-packs from the Codies. Apparently, they're releasing one a month now. Let's 'Insert Coin' and see what happens...

Pub Trivia
Test your knowledge of completely useless facts with this Speccy version of the three-buttoned bandit. Choose from four categories and answer A, B or C to one of 2,000 questions. Get it right and... have another go. (Gasp!) With up to four players and spanky presentation (and about 1,500 spelling mistakes!) there's a lot of fun to be had if quizzes are your thang.

Advanced Pinball Simulator
Would you believe this has a plot? Some nonsense about evil wizards and oppressed peasants (or something). The pinball table has a good spread of colourful, animated obstacles, and the realistic bail movement is commendably nippy. A neat afternoon-filler, but be warned - it's horribly, horribly frustrating.

Fruit Machine Simulator
"The first true Fruit Machine Sim!" screams the blurb, and it seems a pretty good example of its type. Nudges, holds, double-or- nothing - it's all here. Fans will play until their eyes cross, but for everyone else (including me) it's out of the window it goes!

Fast Food
Dizzy meets Ms Pacman in this maze chase game as the eponymous egg legs it away from the nasties and after his lunch. With 32 levels, cartoon interludes and dazzling polish it should be a winner, but the flickery graphics and surprisingly repetitive gameplay mean it isn't.

Nope. I didn't like this one. It's of limited appeal with no great games. A bit disappointing all round in fact, and the weakest Ouattro so far.


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U2? Eurgh! Cough! Spit! Vom!

Are you wizard enough to play Advanced Pinball Simulator?