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Peter Doherty
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Max Phillips
Chris Bourne

Here's a trivial snippet that might come in useful one day. Ever since the ridiculously over-priced Trivial Pursuit board game, everyone who's produced a quiz game has patented it in the rather silly belief that they will make millions from it. Now Quiz Quest is a pretty good game and, as computer quizzes go, it's easily one of the best around. But its patently not going to make anyone rich?

The idea is that you must complete a quiz of eight questions. Get one wrong and you then have to complete another set of questions, starting at the same question number you got wrong in the first set. So every mistake you make keeps adding vast numbers of new questions to answer before you get to finish the quiz. And it's against the clock. This is a pretty good variation on the theme but it's very hard to tell its going on when you're playing. Theres no immediate indication whether your answers are right or wrong and no way of knowing quite where you're up to. So you just keep answering questions until it's all over.

As for the questions, QQ comes with two general knowledge games, pop, sport and TV as well as a program to let you write your own quizzes and an inlay card that doesn't relate much to what's on the tape! Alligata has another 10 subjects on a £4.99 tape and the authors (who still ain't rich) are doing a book. There's enough to be getting on with but the questions seemed to be 90% dead easy, 10% flippin' impossible which meant the game didn't last long at Castle Rathbone.