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RD Laboratories
Utility: Graphics
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


TWO YEARS ago RD Laboratories launched the RD Digital Tracer for the Spectrum. RD has now brought out a new version which can work on areas up to A3 in size.

As well as reproducing lines you can draw shapes, fill areas, change colours and insert text. You can store a sequence of movements and then replay it.

Microdrive users are catered for with a program which can be merged into the main program.

The tracer connects to the Spectrum user port by way of a ZX-81 size connector. It has a through connector for other add-ons but, other than the ZX Printer, there are few which do not require all the lines. The new version does not differ greatly from the old. It is accurate and moderately easy to use but it is extremely slow.

At a price of £75.50, including VAT, the Tracer could be better. It may have been marvellous two years ago but the add-on buyer is older and wiser now.

The Tracer is sold by Kane-May Ltd, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL7 4BR.

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