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Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

One good thing about Hewson is that almost all of their games have been and are of very high standards, and pretty original into the bargain. And luckily, their latest re-release, which has come our way with a little help from Players, is no exception.

It's an into-the-screen jobby, where for some odd reason you find yourself hurtling down a track in a strange-looking spaceship, both on the floor, and at times on the ceiling too. You have no control over your speed, so the idea is to survive as long as possible before crashing and losing a life. You'll no doubt encounter plenty of things as you go, some stationary such as walls and parking cones which have to be avoided, and some moving, mainly baddies which can be shot, preferably, before they shoot you. If you crash or your energy runs out then you lose a life - which is rather disgruntling as you get plonked back miles. You do fortunately have a gun, which can be upgraded to multi-fire guns and bombs, but the ebtter the weapon, the faster it uses up your ammo so for this reason you can swop between the add-on weapons you've picked up to choose when you want to use which one.

In its day, a mere two years ago actually, fact-fiends, this one was a bit of a corker, and a YS Megagame to boot. But today, and today being Tuesday, I can't help finding the whole thing just a little too boring - and getting sent back miles when you die is extremely frustrating. A definite "Try before


Screenshot Text

Blast down this tunnel thing avoiding as much debris as possible. (Basically.)