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Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

Eeeeeeeeeeee (etc), it's Emlyn! The man with the most famous grin on TV bounds onto your Speccy courtesy of Empire's new barg label. And put me in a bucket with a slug called Elspeth if it's not a corker. The management/arcade footy format's been tried many times before, but this time it's actually come off. Blimey.

As you might expect, there are options for choosing how many options you want with your options (ie, quite a lot), but the jolly friendly pull-down menus thang makes fiddling about with settings rather good fun. Honestly. Really iy is. And that's a darn good thing too, considering there's so much of it. You can alter everything from individual player skills to team strip colours. When you're satisfied, or at least less grumpy about your blokes than you were five minutes ago, you can arrange a match an take on the footy might of the Speccy (or an everso handy pal). This bit is really splendid, with loads of moves and a fair amount of chucklesome animation as the players hack and slide their way about the pitch. Even the chirpy sound is pretty good.

Emlyn is an ace game. There were two teams of programmers, one for each bit, and it shows. Each is well-presented, extremely involving and, most importantly, staggeringly good fun to play. Eeee, great.


Screenshot Text

The goalkeeper keeled over when the three onion bhajis he had eaten for dinner hit his stomach.

The match had to be stopped whilst the strikers dropped to their knees to adore the goalie.