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US Gold Ltd
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

This ones a bit on the weird side to say the least.

Basically it starts off with all these coloured balls simply floating about in space (some are on their own, others are connected together by elastic), and you're in there floating pathetically amongst them whilst in command of this little ship. Controls are of the Asteroids 'twizzle yourself around and fire to slow down or stop' type, and the screen wraps around on itself in a similar sort of a way as well (so, as you might expect, staying in control is always a bit of a fight).

The idea is for you to knock two balls of the same colour together and get them to disappear, otherwise they'll explode and you'll lose a life. It you knock two different coloured ones together by mistake a third one will appear. (Yikes!) Of course. there are squillions of different levels which get harder as you get better (if you see what I mean).

Graphics-wise, this one's a treat as the spheres rotate about and the elastic stretches to and fro. The two-player mode is pretty natty too - your two ships are tied together making things less than easy (ie hard). Yep - it's a bit weird, but brill all the same.


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From US Gold's blurb about E-Motion (that it was the first 'new age computer game', and that you could enjoy it simply watching the spheres wobble about) we though it'd be crap. (We were wrong.)