Quasar Software
Not Known
Utility: Music
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Jenkins
Chris Bourne

Quasar's sample editor expands the capabilities of the Ram Music Machine. The Ram unit itself - a combined sampler/MIDI interface/sequencer - is perhaps the best bargain for musicians in terms of functions per pound, and the Quasar editor program is a neat extension.

The Sample Editor display shows a two-dimensional plot of the sample you have made using the Music Machine's own software. This can then be trimmed, renamed, changed in pitch and volume, or manually re-drawn, and re-saved to tape.

Useful in itself, but Quasar also promises further programs - a real-time/step/time MIDI sequencer, with clock sync and parameter passing, dedicated drum machine sequencing and score display/print. Also lined up is a sample synthesis program, which will be the first time this sophisticated technique has been possible on computer as inexpensive as the Spectrum. Music Machine owners - check out Quasar on 01-9873908.

Label: Quasar, 83 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1
Author: Keith Turner
Price: £9.99 (mail-order only)
Memory: 48K/128K
Joystick: None
Reviewer: Chris Jenkins

A clever addition to a useful musical tool, which should interest any Ram Music Machine owner.