Star Dreams
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

Richard Price
Chris Bourne

ARE YOU lying comfortably? A little sand in your eyes and across the border of sleep you go.

The Sandman Cometh takes you into the shifting regions of the unconscious. Freud, Lewis Carroll and Herman Hesse are thrown together with liberal helpings of humour and fantasy to offer you a journey in search of the Hourglass of Infinity. Ghost trains, spies, gunslingers and perplexing puzzles await you in the palace of dreams.

The game is a standard text adventure with unobtrusive location graphics. Unusually, you are provided with the full vocabulary of the game if you care to ask for it. There are two 48K games on the cassette but you must obtain your 'ticket number' from the first to get into the second.

The adventure is attractively presented and the difficulty of the tasks and problems is progressive, so much so that you will soon find your head swimming. The concept is imaginative and allows the game to contain a number of different settings. Each is self-contained but you will need items from one scenario to help you in another.

Richard Price

Memory: 48K
Price: £10.95